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Memorial Mass Policy

A Memorial Mass is considered a private mass, often requested upon the immediate anniversary (i.e., 1 month, 40 days) of the passing of a loved one and sometimes upon the first annual anniversary of the deceased passing, or even some later annual anniversary.

Regrettably, as Fr. Tad is on his own at the parish and as priests are not supposed to be celebrating more than one Mass per day unless it is truly necessary as on Sundays, or for a funeral, wedding, nursing home or school mass, he himself might not always be able to celebrate Private Memorial Masses for anniversaries.

However, the parish if needed  will endeavour to find an outside priest to celebrate such private Memorial Masses at the request of the family. There is no guarantee of being able to do this. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Leslie Tamas is no longer able to assist in this regard. Only certain weekdays are available to accommodate Memorial Masses. The set time would normally have to be at 7:00 pm.

If it is an annual anniversary, we draw your attention to the following. If the family acts promptly following the funeral, there is a very good chance that they can book a memorial mass for their loved one on or very close to the date they want the following year at one of the regular mass times through the parish. The new mass intention book for the upcoming year is usually open to book mass intentions by September for the following year. And of course, mass requests can be booked at the office during regular weekday office hours – Tuesday to Friday – 9 am to 4 pm.

To further assist with this option of having a mass offered for the repose of the soul of a loved one on their annual anniversary, we offer multi-intentional masses on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, with up to five intentions available at these masses. Booking a Memorial Mass intention for the deceased at a multi-intentional Mass certainly is much more affordable as the recommended stipend is only $10.

Otherwise with a dedicated Memorial Mass,  stipends for the visiting priest and musicians (if requested) are at a set rate payable directly to the priest and musicians (if applicable). 

If livestreaming is requested, there is another fee of $100 payable directly to the A.V. technician.

Lastly, may we suggest a donation to the church in the amount of $150 as a contribution towards heating / cooling / lighting / washroom cleaning and the expansion loan repayment.

God bless you for your understanding and co-operation.