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Administrative Ministries

Building Committee: The Building Committee assists the pastor with matters specifically related to the building and design of the new church.

Parish Council:  

Mission – St. Mark’s Parish Council, informed by God’s vision for the Church as outlined in the preamble, brings together the pastor, deacons, and laity in order to build our parish as a living Catholic community. The Parish Council is called to consider the needs of the faithful and the growth of the parish through: Prayer and reflection, planning and researching resources within the community, and bringing forth and supporting the ministries, services and activities of the parish. While focusing on St. Mark’s Parish, we also care about parish life in other communities of the Archdiocese, and about the concerns of the Universal Church. 

Purposes – The purposes of the Parish Council are:

  1. To advise and assist the pastor in his service to the People of God entrusted to his care by the bishop
  2. To function as a consultative body to the pastor in caring for the spiritual and temporal affairs of the parish, especially by:
    • Discerning the needs of the parish, where appropriate, of the wider community, and planning effective and practical ways of responding to them,
    • Seeing that all aspects of parish life are considered with a view to the overall pastoral development of the parish,
    • Encouraging the various parish organizations to work for the good of the parish, and providing an orderly forum for regular communication among all members of the parish,
  3. To help coordinate parish participation in the activities of the Archdiocese and of the universal Church. 

Membership – It is made up of 13 members, 10 of whom are voting members drawn either from a random draw process (6) or appointed by the Pastor (4). The 3 remaining New Voting Members comprise our 2 Deacons and the Pastor. 

Please pray that the Good Lord will guide us and to seek to better serve God and the People of God.

 Click here to download a PDF of the Parish Constitution

Finance Committee and Counters: This committee helps the pastor overseeing the financial concerns of the parish. Among their responsibilities, they prepare and present the annual budget, meet monthly to review parish income and expenditures, assist the pastoral council and subcommittees in preparing budgets, and provide parishioners with periodic reports of the financial position of the parish. Members are appointed by the Pastor. Prospective volunteers should be skilled in business and have expertise in management, accounting, banking or other related fields. 

Volunteer Screening Committee: Since 2001, the Archdiocese of Toronto has had a policy of screening its volunteers to ensure the protection and safety of the most vulnerable. Those involved in this ministry at the parish level conduct the appropriate checks to ensure a safe environment for all those engaged in a variety of important ministries.